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Universal Family Insurance is committed to being a specialty expert and market leader in delivering comprehensive financial and insurance products to the assisted reproductive community. We understand the importance of listening to our Clients and the demand for structuring cost effective risk management solutions.

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Egg Donor and Recipient Complications Insurance

The Egg Donor and Recipient Cycle Contractual Liability Insurance Policy indemnifies participating Agency and IVF Medical Facility Client Intended Parents for their contractual liability to pay medical expenses related to IVF treatment procedure medical complications that are incurred by the person designated as their Egg Donor and/or Recipient.

Egg Donors and Recipients are permitted to obtain the necessary medical treatment at any qualified medical center.

Surrogate Maternity Liability Insurance Plan

Intended Parents financial responsibility for their Surrogate’s maternity medical expenses is professionally managed by the Surrogate Maternity Liability Insurance Plan. The Universal Family Plan options are structured to protect Intended Parents from potential catastrophic financial loss due to maternity medical complications. By purchasing a Universal Family Plan, Insured Intended Parents obtain the necessary case management administrative services and insurance coverage to effectively manage their Surrogate’s maternity and childbirth medical expenses. Universal Family works for you to eliminate any maternity medical expense concerns.

Professional Liability Insurance

Protection against potential negligence claims made by your patients and/or clients; coverage is available for IVF Clinics, Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agencies.

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