Egg Donor and Recipient Complications Insurance

Plan Details

The Egg Donor and Recipient Cycle Contractual Liability Insurance Policy indemnifies the Insured Intended Parents up to the Limit(s) of Indemnity stated in the Schedule for their liability assumed under contract to pay medical expenses related to IVF treatment procedure medical complications that are incurred during the coverage period by the person designated as their egg donor and/or recipient.

Medical expenses resulting from reasonable and customary medical complications related to Egg Donor Retrieval and Recipient Embryo Transfer treatment procedures are covered.

The Universal Egg Donor and Recipient Cycle Liability Insurance Policy does not mandate the accessing of any preferred provider network for required medical care resulting from retrieval and/or transfer treatment procedure related medical complications. Egg Donors and Recipients are permitted to receive the necessary medical care from any approved physician and/or qualified medical facility.

COVERAGESLIMITS (per Donor per Recipient any one cycle in the aggregate)
Medical Expense Indemnity:$100,000, $250,000, or $500,000
Contractual Performance Indemnity, Death Reimbursement Benefit:$100,000 or $200,000
DEDUCTIBLE (any one loss):$0, Unless otherwise agreed
PREMIUM RATE (per cycle):$150 to $405 (any one cycle)
COVERED ACTIVITIES:Participation as an Egg Donor and Recipient in IVF treatment procedures at an approved reproductive medical facility. Coverage begins when the Donor and Recipient start their respective synchronized cycle treatment medications; covering reasonable and customary medical expense complications arising from egg donor retrieval and recipient transfer implantation IVF treatment procedures incurred within (4) months from the start date of treatment procedure medications.
ELIGIBLE PERSONS:Volunteer egg donors between the ages of 21 and 32 and sole embryo recipients who are approved and treated by Physicians that are board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology with specialist qualifications in infertility medicine and reproductive endocrinology and that have signed a contract with the insured. Medical Services to be provided in the United States.
INSURER:A.M. Best's "A" Rated, Excellent

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